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Parcel Details -100 pairs Ladies Thermal Opaque Tights 

£100.00 + VAT

Parcel Details -100 pairs Ladies Opaque Tights   -Ladies Tights -X

£75.00 + VAT

Parcel Details -80 pairs Ladies Fairisle

£60.00 + VAT

216 Ladies Picot Trim Trainer Sock -Double

£108.00 + VAT

216 Ladies Ankle Pelerine Socks

£97.20 + VAT

100 Slipperette with Pom Poms -Extremely Comfy

£80.00 + VAT

100 Slipperette with Pom Poms -Extremely Comfy

£80.00 + VAT

Parcel Details - 175 pairs plain

£69.73 + VAT

360 ladies plain fluffy snuggle

£108.00 + VAT