Crushed Velvet Thongs

432 Crushed Velvet Thongs

  • -Soft touch velvet
  • -Luxurious feel
  • Available in 4 colours

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Product Description

These plush crushed velvet thongs are soft touch and have beautiful design. The sumptuous velvet will leave anyone feeling pampered and spoilt. Perfect to for a ‘no’ underwear look. The colours available- black, blue, wine and silver grey- only accentuate the lush velvet for a luxurious feel.

Each wholesale bundle contains 432 pieces. Available in one size only 34-38.

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Parcel Consists of:  432 Crushed Velvet Thongs

Category: Wholesale Ladies’ Underwear

One size 34 -38

Fabric Composition:

98% Polyester 2% Lyrcra

Colours; Black Blue, Wine, Silver Grey

Colour Ratio:



Blue Wine

Silver Grey


144 144